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Established in 2011, BOS is a leading charity within the obesity sector. We are a collective group of individuals that share the same vision looking to improve the lives of everyone affected by obesity and overweight in Great Britain.

2022 see’s the beginning of a new strategic vision for the charity with the exciting appointment of AfN Nutritionist and Nutrition Lecturer Louise Payne, who arrives at the charity as Co-Chairperson, with Paul Evans (previously Vice Chairperson).

 The board, headed up by charity President Jane de Ville-Almond, has written their new 2025 strategic vision ‘to create a healthier environment and change the narrative around obesity’ with a number of exciting campaigns planned for the months ahead.

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To create a healthier environment and evolve the narrative around obesity by...

Supporting Individuals

Reduce the impact of obesity for individuals

Improve access to the right healthcare and services for individuals living with obesity

Empower individuals affected by obesity 

Demonstrate empathy and respect

Preventing Obesity

To advocate for and deliver prevention strategies 

Strive for an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice

Educating the Public

To increase awareness that obesity is a serious chronic medical condition 

Put an end to the stigma associated with obesity

Working Collaboratively

Work with partners and other professionals from different sectors that share our vision

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Our Current Projects

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Upcoming Campaigns 

It is a strong belief of ours that the healthy choice should be the easy choice, and we are currently exploring food offerings in the entertainment and leisure sector. We can't wait to share our findings with you!

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