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Welcome to the
British Obesity Society 

Join us in our mission to revolutionise the landscape of obesity. Together, we can create a healthier, happier, and more inclusive future for all.

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Established in 2011, the British Obesity Society (BOS) is a dynamic and prominent charity dedicated to tackling the critical issue of obesity.
Comprising a diverse community of individuals who share a common vision, we are committed to enhancing the lives of all those affected by obesity and overweight across Great Britain.

At BOS, our aspiration is to craft a world where obesity ceases to be a prevailing public health concern. We envision a society where every individual has the opportunity to embrace a healthy and enriching life. This vision encompasses equal access to essential resources and unwavering support to nurture healthier lifestyles.

About Us

Our Vision

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Our Mission

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We believe knowledge is the cornerstone of change. BOS diligently strives to disseminate information to the public about the causes, consequences, prevention, and management of obesity.

To Educate

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We advocate for policies and practices that cultivate healthier living environments, from facilitating access to nutritious food options to providing secure spaces for physical activity.

To Advocate

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Building a nurturing community is paramount. BOS offers guidance, resources, emotional support, and counselling to individuals and families impacted by obesity, fostering a sense of belonging.

To Support

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BOS is at the forefront of funding and conducting cutting-edge research on the intricacies of obesity. We explore its origins, effects, and efficacious strategies for prevention and treatment.

To Research

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Recognising the multifaceted nature of obesity, we collaborate with other organisations, healthcare providers, educators, and policymakers to adopt a comprehensive approach to tackling obesity on a societal level.

To Collaborate

Our Values

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Committed to fostering a welcoming and safe environment that embraces all individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds, identities, or body shapes, 
we advocate for customised participation based on individual needs and goals.


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Our approach is rooted in compassion and empathy towards those living with obesity. We shun stigmatising language and instead promote positive and supportive dialogue that encourages self-care and self-love.


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We champion a holistic approach to health, prioritising overall well-being through habits like regular exercise, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, and stress management. Mental health and social support are integral aspects of our strategy.

Holistic Approach

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BOS believes in empowering individuals to steer their health journeys. We equip them with resources, tools, and unwavering support to usher in positive lifestyle changes, understanding that each journey is unique.

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Our commitment to evidence-based practices underpins everything we do. BOS continually integrates the latest research to inform and enrich our programs and services, ensuring our efforts yield tangible and meaningful results.

Our Team



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