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Campaign Overview

Here at The British Obesity Society, we’re passionate about making the healthy choice the easy choice. Unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves having no other option but to choose foods higher in fat, salt and sugar as this is all that's available.

Despite voluntary actions carried out in the food industry, we have seen first hand how the entertainment and leisure sector is massively overlooked. Cinemas, bowling alleys and other visitor attractions are failing to step up and provide adequate menu items that encourage a healthier diet.

A recent survey carried by the Food Standards Agency found that over 3 in 5 consumers would like to change their diet to make it healthier (63%); with 68% agreeing that they would like to eat more fruit and vegetables and 61% wanting to reduce their calorie intake. We need to be better at making this possible and everyone must play their part. 

We are currently reviewing the choice of healthy foods available to families with children in the entertainment and leisure sector and can't wait to share with you our findings!

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